Therapeutic consultant
for your child

I believe that therapy should take an interventionist stance
incorporating specific speech and language goals that are
augmented by easy-to-do home-based assignments.

Nutritious meals
and snacks

Super FitKids nutrition program focuses on providing nutrition education,
garden exposure, and workshops in order to teach children and their families
how to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Empowered Minds

Empower and develop unbreakable super powers in the minds of the future
by promoting resilience, strengthening assets, and
increasing coping skills of children and adolescents.

Social Skills
Kids Club

To help individuals become comfortable
within their personal social environment
while improving their social functioning.


MySckool was created and founded from my determination and passion to provide limitless opportunities for my daughter to learn and grow. From the moment she was born, the world became her playground. From hiking, camping, traveling to Europe, museums, festivals, summer vacations, beach days, music in the parks, weekly social events with friends and peers her own age (play dates, classes at the community center and library, stroller hike mommy and me groups) and art shows, her daily life was always an exciting adventure. I did not base her learning experiences, nor hold her to the typical “developmental learning norms” the world has created for kids today.

Our Services

All services offered at MySckool are taught by way of Explore, Learn, Create, Share philosophy:

Service at Community

MySckool Special

Whether it is Home, School or Hostel, I travel to the community of kids who need my service and design specialized theraputical plan for them. We do activities out in the community to help generalize their skills. This highly individualized program offers the same services offered at MySckool that taught by way of Explore, Learn, Create, Share philosophy.

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We provides therapy that is individualized to each child’s personality and needs. Sessions are typically 30-60 minutes once or twice a week.


We strive to keep our prices at competitive rates. At MySckool we believe that you shouldn't have to break the bank to get great, uncompromised service.


Many parents prefer to get service for their kids at home. We provide in-house service for such people and give our service within the comfort of your own home.