FitKid Nutrition

How do we accomplish this?

We teach how to properly prepare healthy foods, budget, and shop (Cooking Matters Curriculum); including recipes and menus.

We provide comprehensive “Super FitKid Nutrition Workshops” on:  Food 101, the basics of fueling your body properly, cooking, meal planning/prepping, the importance of listening to your body and understanding your cravings, setting attainable goals and how to make healthy eating part of your lifestyle.

We offer garden-enhanced cooking education to expose our Super FitKid community to seasonal fresh produce and cooking techniques.

Overall, the Super FitKids nutrition program focuses on providing nutrition education, garden exposure, and workshops in order to teach children and their families how to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Makes a Difference

Teaching parents and children how to make good food choices is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle.  We guarantee, with the teachings of our program, it’s embedded recommendations and  access to healthy family recipes, not only will you see positive changes in energy level and mood, but also in you and your families bodies!

Our 12 week Beginner Program is designed to help:

  • Individuals beginning at the age of 5
  • Families
  • Small Groups
  • Entire schools, including staff
Because Each Program is so Unique and targets various age ranges and group sizes we ask that you please contact us for more in depth details about the program, how we can design it to specifically meet your wants and our pricing for various programs.