Social Skills Kids Clubs

At MySckool, we offer a wide array of opportunities for individuals to explore their social environment and gain insight as to what their social communicative strengths are, as well as personal skills in need of further exploration.

We take pride in teaching all of our social communication skills through a variety of modalities, including:  direct instruction, modeling, observing, role playing, and a wide variety of hands on activities, including real life exposure through community outings.

Through exploring their social environment we help individuals gain confidence in their communicative abilities, perspective taking, initiation skills, self perception,  problem solving skills, emotional regulation, play skills, and overall ability to effectively communicate and engage within a variety of social circumstances and environments.

We offer services for toddlers, adolescents, and teenagers.  Individual and small group sessions (based on availability) are available, based on areas of needed growth. Individuals are placed in groups  according to language abilities, social functioning, and temperament.  Our group program enables individuals to explore their social language skills in a naturalistic and fun group format .

Types of Social Skills Therapy

  • 1-1 Social Skills therapy
  • Play Date Social Skills Therapy
  • Parent/child play therapy
  • Small group social skills club
  • Educators Training: Social Thinking in the classroom $250 per hour

All therapy types are offered in any of the following settings:

  • In the clinic
  • In the home
  • In the community
  • In the school

Each session is $100.

50-minute sessions with a ten minute briefing with the individual and/or parent(s).