Our FitKID BODY program teaches kids how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle that is tailored to their own interests


Despite recommendations that children participate in at least 60 minutes of activity each day to stay healthy, many public schools have severely reduced opportunities for students to exercise. This is especially true given the changes to our educational system as a result of COVID 19.

Our Super FitKid Body Program, helps the youth of our future come closer to meeting the recommended 60 minute activity benchmark by transforming their every day static environment(s) into exciting, thrilling, engaging, interactive opportunities.

We have partnered with sports, health, and fitness experts, to develop a curriculum based around Play Days for students. This is where students/staff/fitness partners get to show off their unique skill sets by leading students in special games and activities. Students are further empowered and supported during recess by our character building lessons that are incorporated within all our collaborative play activities.

Our passion allows us to work 1 on 1 with individuals, groups of students, classes, entire schools, school staff and parents. We take them on a journey to learn how to exercise in a safe and fun way, develop character building traits through interactive activities, and most importantly, strengthen pro-social behaviors which help them navigate the social and emotional landscape of their every day life.

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Our goal is to help transform recess from a time of sedentary socializing and “gaming” to a time for activity and teamwork, which helps students offset the desk bound time spent in class and teaches them to negotiate, share, and solve problems as a group.

I want to inspire all kids and the adults in their daily lives, to live a healthy and active life. My hope is, through early exposure of the mindset “Fitness can be and is fun”, I can guide the youth of our future, develop a love for living a healthy active lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

Because Each Program is so Unique and targets various age ranges and group sizes we ask that you please contact us for more in depth details about the program, how we can design it to specifically meet your wants and our pricing for various programs.

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MySckool Reviews & Recommendations

Jane D.
San Jose
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Every time I've had any sort of issue with either of my kids, I've reached out to Annette. When our sons were very argumentative with each other, I asked her for ideas, and she gave them some sibling sessions that really changed how they approached each other. She can really do anything! I highly recommend her for any challenge your child may be facing. She will lead them to success!
Skidmore Family
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Since my 3 year old son has started working with Annette, we have seen great improvements in his vocabulary, general behavior, and desire to express himself. She has truly helped our family.
Nancy Cisler
Principal, Latimer School
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Annette's rapport with the neediest students is incredible. She displays compassion and understanding but always holds them accountable for their actions. Annette is a perfect combination of compassion, skill and directness, and she will be an asset to your organization.
John Anderson
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Annette Waters started working with our daughter a few years ago to help our daughter with her social skills. Ms. Waters first worked with our daughter in a school environment, and then later as an independent therapist. Our daughter's social skills have improved under Ms. Waters' care. Ms. Waters speaks with us before and after our daughter's sessions and she is quick to identify areas to work on. She also gives us activities that we can do at home to help our daughter improve her social skills. Ms. Waters works with our daughter both in a clinical setting and in the community, or "real world" setting. The latter is especially useful for our daughter to work on real-life social skills.