the Story of MySckool!
Learn how Annette Waters, a licensed ASHA certified speech pathologist created the MySckool programs to support children in her area.

by Annette Waters

My name is Annette Waters and I have been a practicing, licensed, credentialed, and ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathology since 2008.

I am a single mom of an amazing 10 year old daughter! I love my family, teaching, watching children explore the world, Chai Lattes, cooking and living a healthy, active fit life.

I started MySckool and created the fitKID programs because I believe that quality human connection is the most essential part of the human experience and that it is through communication that we are able to make those connections, which we learn and grow from.

 I have a passion for helping others communicate more effectively, inspiring minds to see their true potential, as well as educating all my clients on the beauty of life and the importance of a healthy, mind and body.

“I believe we are all capable of greatness beyond our belief and I strive to teach all my clients to be confident in who they are and in their many strengths.”


Other Education Programs for Kids

Speech Therapy

We help treat a wide range of communication disorders & conditions


We teach kids how to be confident and control their emotions


We teach kids about planning and enjoying good nutritional habits


We help kids become comfortable in their personal social circles


We teach kids how to strengthen & care for their bodies in a fun way

MySckool Reviews & Recommendations

Jane D.
San Jose
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Every time I've had any sort of issue with either of my kids, I've reached out to Annette. When our sons were very argumentative with each other, I asked her for ideas, and she gave them some sibling sessions that really changed how they approached each other. She can really do anything! I highly recommend her for any challenge your child may be facing. She will lead them to success!
Skidmore Family
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Since my 3 year old son has started working with Annette, we have seen great improvements in his vocabulary, general behavior, and desire to express himself. She has truly helped our family.
Nancy Cisler
Principal, Latimer School
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Annette's rapport with the neediest students is incredible. She displays compassion and understanding but always holds them accountable for their actions. Annette is a perfect combination of compassion, skill and directness, and she will be an asset to your organization.
John Anderson
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Annette Waters started working with our daughter a few years ago to help our daughter with her social skills. Ms. Waters first worked with our daughter in a school environment, and then later as an independent therapist. Our daughter's social skills have improved under Ms. Waters' care. Ms. Waters speaks with us before and after our daughter's sessions and she is quick to identify areas to work on. She also gives us activities that we can do at home to help our daughter improve her social skills. Ms. Waters works with our daughter both in a clinical setting and in the community, or "real world" setting. The latter is especially useful for our daughter to work on real-life social skills.